Last-minute gift ideas for Volkswagen enthusiasts

February 1st, 2020 by

Give the gift of Volkswagen  Volkswagen has a bit of a cult following when it comes to its vehicles, with good reason too! There are trendy, modern vehicles in the Volkswagen lineup as well as classics that reach the masses. If you are looking for last-minute gift ideas to give, we have found a few items for your fellow Volkswagen enthusiast. Keep reading to learn how you can give the gift of Volkswagen!

Quirky gifts

The possibilities are endless when it comes to quirky gifts from Volkswagen. You can play it safe by giving a Volkswagen calendar or poster. If you are looking to ramp up your gift-giving, there are power packs, Bluetooth speakers and other phone accessories to give.

Volkswagen clothing

There are a variety of ways to show off your love for Volkswagen. One way is by wearing the logo. The Volkswagen Driver Gear website offers anything from sunglasses and hats to t-shirts and sweaters.

Fuel up with Volkswagen

We always turn to coffee when we feel like we are running on fumes. The Volkswagen shop has a variety of mugs and tumblers to keep your coffee warm and satisfying.

Don’t forget the pets!

Our fur babies have the ability to rock out in some Volkswagen swag as well. There are collars, harnesses and pet beds available for purchase.

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