The Golf now has a standard digitized display and controls

February 1st, 2020 by

Golf’s Digital Cockpit  Volkswagen is always trying to push the limit when it comes to technology in its vehicles. The newest model of Golf has had an upgrade worth checking into; the Digital Cockpit. This feature is advanced and clear while staying intuitive to use. Keep reading to learn more about the Digital Cockpit and see what is so exciting about it.

What does the Digital Cockpit include?

There is quite a bit of functionality included in the Digital Cockpit. Some of the standard functions include an infotainment system, instrument cluster and multifunction steering wheel. Virtually all the displays and controls are digital, while touch sliders allow for quick and intuitive access. Depending on the systems available in each Golf model, the Digital Cockpit allows for access to control the light, windscreen and rear window heating and driving modes.

Advanced functionality

To offer a wider range of functionality, the Golf offers the Innovision Cockpit. This would include the windscreen head-up display which will show information like speed and navigation. Other areas of digitalization include the roof console. As an example, the optional tilting/sliding panoramic sunroof can open and close by sliding your finger back and forth over a slider. The system allows for voice command by simply saying “Hello Volkswagen.” This opens up to a range of commands such as “take me home” for navigation or “I’m cold” to control the temperature.

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